Thursday, 19 June 2014

Anniversary Musings

There's nothing like an anniversary to make one think and assess a situation. My husband and I are today celebrating 10 years of marriage and it feels wonderful. I have been thoroughly spoilt, I've had the best (but busy) day and I feel completely emotional! And now I guess I have to watch some football thing... :)

Anyhow, the key thing I am thinking is that I want there to be 10 more years and then some. My latest scans showed that the cancer is getting worse, but slowly I think, and the liver is still what we need to be careful of. None of the cancers can be treated or cured but we are going to manage the symptoms as they come and go to ensure I am comfortable and not in pain, can get on with and enjoy life stuff as much as possible and just try to be a little normal! And I think/hope that the fact I am feeling so much better in myself, I'm getting stronger physically and mentally, I can do more and do it more easily and I am getting on with life means more than the scans. I have so many wonderful people supporting me as well which means everything. And so maybe, just maybe, hoping for 10 more years isn't completely unreasonable.