Friday, 3 September 2010

Chemo cycle 3: Day 10 & 11

Day 10: first day back to school for DD1!  We all took her in as a family, to meet her teacher and figure out where things were.  I then had a nice time at home doing some chores and resting before picking her up.  I do wonder if the other parents wonder why I am wearing a headscarf but who cares really?  I suppose if they are that bothered they can always talk to me....

I was pretty exhausted in the evening though; I went to bed at 9!  Guess laundry takes it out of me somewhat.  Lolz etc.

Day 11 (today):  Took DD1 in, had a lovely time at home and collected her.  She helped me bake a cake for a friend too which was nice - looking forward to celebrating his birthday tomorrow!  Tonight I plan to drink wine and watch Big Brother and other trash tv.

So all in all, things are on the up.  I am starting to feel more human and normal and can have a nice week and a half before the next round, hopefully.

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  1. i had no idea Louisa! Stay strong and kick that cancer's ass! xoxoxo Maija