Thursday, 24 April 2014

A Happy Easter Post

The last couple of posts have been a little doom and gloom so I thought I would post about the brilliant Easter weekend we had!

Good Friday was fab in that we were able to go to a good friend's house for a meal and catch-up over a few drinks.  It's still slightly nerve-wracking to go somewhere 'new', as we never know how easy it will be to get into somewhere - whether the wheelchair will fit, if there are unexpected steps or if they're too high for me to step over, if there is suitable parking etc etc. But we measured everything and it seemed fine until we discovered I measured the wheelchair wrong!  Luckily we figured it all out so I could use the walker to access her house and actually, this was a brilliant lesson in that, even if it goes a little wrong, we can still manage to resolve it with a little thought and teamwork! A great time was had by all.

The next day we had our first barbecue of the year at home, which is always a favourite of mine, especially when it's combined with several of my oldest and dearest friends and family! This was the first time since I have been back that I have sat in our garden and it was easy to get there and wonderful to be there.  The weather was okay; I'd say typical British BBQ weather (I won't mention getting out the blankets and cardigans...). It was such a treat to be outside with everyone, enjoying gorgeous food, drink and company.

Easter Day was brilliant too.  Loads of chocolate and my mum and sister came over for a meal cooked by my mum.  The weather was appalling so we did an Easter egg hunt in the house, which worked quite well.  So well that we keep finding them now!

And finally, Easter Monday we chilled and got everything ready for back to school for the girls, and back to work for my husband. I've been signed off work for a month to recuperate, so I didn't have anything to get ready.

So despite the setbacks and busy, annoying week early last week, it was redeemed by a fantastic weekend, thanks to my friends and family.

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