Monday, 14 April 2014

Moving On!

Yes, I am moving on, literally!

It's getting easier to stand up, virtually unaided by another person - although I do still need to be raised a little  before doing so and to use my zimmer frame or walking trolley for balance. I'm walking with the trolley, which is much easier and more 'natural' feeling than the zimmer frame - plus I feel slighty less old-lady-ish with it. I really need to get on with pimping it somehow...

But the real treat is that we are getting more and more used to going out in the car; we seem to have got the knack of this really well. We've been out for a few more meals and we had a lovely time at Harbour Park yesterday. It's amazing to be able to do these things as a family again - I missed it so much.

Next steps this week are to check out my infection - or lack of - with the maxilliofacial people at the hospital (tomorrow) and to start to think about chemo with the oncologist (Wednesday). What fun!

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