Thursday, 22 May 2014

Responses to Feedback on Disabled Access

Further to my earlier blog post, on Saturday (17th May) I sent feedback to the three companies that we couldn't access due to having the wheelchair as well as positive feedback to Pizza Express, which had excellent access.  Of these, Cath Kidston came back to me within 24 hours with a personal holding email and I got an automated reply from Zizzi almost immediately. Didn't get anything from Prezzo until yesterday (21st) but it was a personal one.  The more detailed Cath Kidston one came on the 20th.

The gist of the Cath Kidston response was fairly expected in that the buildings in Chichester are old and often listed, so it's limited in what physical adjustments can be made; they've already enquired about a ramp and it's just not feasible.  However, there's supposed to be a member of staff at the front of the store who can help in these situations by bringing out items that the customer wants to look at, go through brochures and take payment. There's supposed to be a sign to this effect as well. Well, we didn't see one and there was no member of staff - but we may have somehow missed these. At least they've thought about it and have a policy, even though it's a bit disappointing in that, if a wheelchair user (or someone with a buggy etc) wants to browse the store, it's not possible.

The Prezzo one focused on the poor level of customer service provided by the staff - someone should have come to help us. They are going to review their training as well as disabled access to the restaurant.  All good words, so I hope they follow through with this. I've also been offered some vouchers to eat there but if I can't get into the restaurant, I don't see how I will use them! They've given me a number to ring though to book it, so maybe this can be resolved at the time, should we take them up on the offer.

Nothing from Zizzi yet though, apart from the automated response so we shall see about that, hopefully soon! Four working days and counting... not sure how good that is really.  And nothing from Pizza Express; even though it was positive feedback, I was hoping for a 'thank you'!  Ah well.

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