Friday, 8 October 2010

Chemo cycle 5: Days 1 - 3

Let's focus on the main issue here now.  Only one more to go!

But oh my goodness this one is horrible. 

Day 1:  Had to wait nearly 2 hours to see the consultant and then a further 1.5 hours to get the chemo.  And the chemo takes an hour to administer.  So we should have been out of there by about 2.30pm but weren't out till nearly 6pm.  I managed to have a hot flush right at the beginning, meaning the nurse turned off my chemo for about 20 minutes, delaying it even further.  And it is so boring!  I lost concentration completely, so I couldn't read or even speak very well, so all I had to do was sit there and wait for the stuff to go in.  Afterwards we drove home and I went straight to bed.

Day 2:  A certain person (you know who you are!) described to me the feeling of having chemo as rhyming with scattered wit.  That's how I felt on Wednesday.  I was exhausted but also felt like an elephant had landed on me and given me a dose of swine flu and then kicked me when I was down for good measure.  I had to get my Zoladex injection in the morning from the surgery, so luckily my mum was on hand to drive me, but I nearly fainted in the waiting room.  Awful.  Came home, collapsed on sofa.  DH came home for the school run, took DD1 swimming and has really given me a chance to chill.  Went to bed at 7, but didn't sleep all that well despite a sleeping tablet.

Day 3:  A better day.  Still felt pretty awful, but a better kind of awful.  Again, spent the day resting and recuperating.  BFF's mum did the school run for me - love all these wonderful people who can help!  Managed to stay up till 8.30pm and catch the Apprentice (hurrah!) saved from Wednesday.  But as I was going to bed, I noticed that the back of my neck and legs were starting to ache.  Think that's what's coming next, although if this flu-ey feeling goes and the muscle pain stays, I don't mind.  It's the messing with my head I hate.

Other symptoms:  slight chemo mouth started yesterday, sore eyes last night, sore nails this morning. 

But only one more.  I just want it to be over now.

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