Monday, 25 October 2010

Chemo cycle 5: Days 11 - now

Well, day 11 was quite nice.  I did the school run, had lunch out, treated by my lovely workmates, got loads of stuff sorted.

And then I paid for it on day 12, or I thought I did.  I felt awful again!  The flu-like symptoms returned and I really couldn't face doing anything.  Took my temperature in the evening and it was 38.8 - anything above 38 and I'm supposed to call the hospital.  But I figured I was just knackered from over-exerting myself and went to bed.

However, woke up the next morning feeling rubbish still and temperature still 38.8.  Both of us knew that, if I called the hospital, they would say to come in, so we thought we would wait till lunchtime.  I really didn't want to be admitted.  We had been supposed to be hosting lunch but it didn't look like an option, so DH called BFF to say it was cancelled and she told us to call the hospital NOW.  Argh.  But she was right - the one time I don't call will be the one time I should have.  So we did.  And they said come in - but luckily they said the local hospital had a bed so we didn't have to trek a million miles (well, 20 odd miles as opposed to 6).

So we spent a few lovely hours in the medical assessment unit whilst they tried to figure out what was wrong with me.  I had blood tests, a chest x-ray and all the normal observations that they do.  The main things they need to know were:  1) What was the infection and was it viral or bacterial and b) Was I neutropenic* and so would need to be kept in isolation for 5 days?  Finally they discovered that my blood count was normal, so I didn't need to be isolated, but I definitely had a mystery infection, most probably from DD2 who had been ill earlier in the week.  So I got to go into a lovely ward where I was the youngest by about 50 years and be pumped with antibiotics until the tests about whether it was a bacterial infection came through.

The ward was pretty awful and very depressing.  I don't know how the staff do it; they were amazing.  It wasn't a cancer ward - I think it was a haematology ward - and there seemed to be a range of illnesses in there.  So I was there for 2 nights and finally, at about 7.30pm on Tuesday, they said I could go home.  By this time, I had contracted a cold.  What joy! But I was very happy to be home.

DH then suggested we go away for a couple of nights to a hotel nearby, so we could still get the girls to school and nursery.  So we did and it was amazing, apart from the fact the spa were crap about my chemo.  But I didn't care as I just stuck two fingers up at them (metaphorically speaking) and went to my usual place.

Then my mother moved on Friday which went amazingly well.  She now lives 10 minutes away in a gorgeous bungalow.  We (I say we, I mean DH as I still felt delicate) mainly spent the weekend helping her, although she had the girls for several hours on Sunday to give us some respite.  And it worked.  I feel great today, apart from the cold still lingering a little.

So I had my blood tests and everything is crossed that all is still well for my final session tomorrow.  I will be gutted if it is postponed due to everything that has happened, but on the  positive side it's half term and if it is, I have a few days with DD1 to enjoy.  So I'm a winner either way.

But it would be nice if it was over.  Keep everything crossed for me if you have a chance! x

* ie. immune system shot to hell.


  1. Haha I just realised I did the 1) b) thing. D'oh.

  2. You were always an excellent narrator. I think we can forgive the 1 b incident!
    I only just discovered your blog. It is really interesting to read and makes me realise how strong you are being.
    Lots of love,

  3. Here's hoping tomorrow goes ahead and goes smoothly. I have everything crossed for you ev3n my fijjmnghers. xxx

  4. I said tomorrow - I mean today! :)