Monday, 11 October 2010

Chemo cycle 5: Days 4 - 6

I was right about the muscle pain.  It kicked in on Friday (day 4).  I basically spent the day on the sofa with my codeine within arm's reach!  My head was still funny as well, so I couldn't read or do very much apart from watch the Commonwealth Games (yay go England!).  I managed to stay up till about 7.30pm.  What a fun Friday night!

On Saturday (day 5) it was pretty much the same, although my head felt a bit better.  However, I still couldn't read so more telly for me.  Hurrah for Twitter which makes me feel slightly more interactive than I would feel otherwise.  Had a glass of wine for the first time in about a week, followed by more codeine and sleeping tablets in the hope that I would get a good night's sleep and wake up refreshed and ready to go.  Managed to stay up till almost 9pm.  Whoo!

Sunday (day 6) was a lot better; my plan worked to some extent!  I slept quite well and woke up, still sore but feeling more like myself.  DH warned me not to do too much though, so I did just spend the day resting even more and catching up with the X Factor and Hell's Kitchen!

So symptoms over the past 3 days have been: muscle ache and spasms, nail ache, tooth and gum ache, chemo mouth, sore throat, stupid brain. 

This morning (day 7) it's A LOT better.  Still sore, but it's fading.  But my blooming nails still hurt which is just bizarre.  But I plan to do more than chill today.

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