Thursday, 6 March 2014

And life goes on....

Once I got home, it was time to try to get back to some semblance of normality.  This wasn't the easiest at first.  We had to have my electric hospital bed downstairs and carers coming in twice a day at 7.00am and 9.30pm, which is a little restrictive but necessary.  We also had many, many phone calls and professional visits and appointments to manage - again necessary but a little overwhelming.  But people were doing their best for me and it was (and still is) very much appreciated - everyone was wonderful.  The best bit, of course, was visits from friends and family and it was lovely to catch up in my own home!

Fun at the beach!
I probably spent a month or two rehabilitating, as well as determining a plan of action to get on with life. I made plans with my manager about how to return to work, I joined the school's PTA, I started blogging money-saving ideas. And we did stuff as a family as much as we could.  As long as I was wearing my brace, I could pretty much carry on as normal.

Of course, there were a few blips here and there; my immune system is shot to pieces coping with the cancer, I guess.  The worst was high calcium levels, when calcium from the bone leaks into the blood system, making me exhausted, sick, loss of appetite, lack of concentration and confusion.  These episodes resulted in my ending up in the local hospice who are simply incredible.  They looked after me by giving the medicine and care needed to get me better and they got me home safe and well.  It's the most amazing place and we are so lucky to have it in our area.  It's a charity, so most of its budget comes from fundraising so any donations help!

On the whole, I was getting on with things really well.  I was phasing back into work and enjoying going into the office and seeing everyone - oh, and doing the work too!  We were doing loads of fun stuff as a family and I was being social with friends. Everything was - sort of - normal!

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