Saturday, 1 March 2014

Diagnosis of Secondary Cancer

Four years ago, in April 2010,  I was diagnosed with breast cancer, at the age of 35. I had a mastectomy, chemo and radiotherapy and I outlined my chemo experience in this blog.  For a while, we thought I'd kicked it. Life continued perfectly, with my wonderful husband and two young daughters. I even got my dream job.  I felt that I had done it, I had 'beaten' cancer and was on the road to a happy and healthy life with my gorgeous family.

About two years ago, we moved house and that's when I started to notice my body wasn't quite right.  My back was a nightmare! But I have always had problems with my back so I didn't think much of it - just kept popping the painkillers and doing what I could. But as the weeks and months went on, this became less and less. Even though we'd just moved, I wasn't able to sort out the house or decorate it as I wanted, as I wasn't physically able. My husband was worried that I had become super lazy!

However, things started to go really wrong about a year ago.  It was snowy and icy and one day, I slipped on the ice during the school run and felt like I cracked my back so it was even worse than before.  From this day, I was finding it more and more difficult to be fully mobile.  Walking became harder and harder until the day after Valentine's Day 2013, when I was unable to walk more than a few metres.  This culminated in a trip to A&E; following X-rays and scans and hurried conversations, it turned out the cancer has metastasised into (or developed into secondary) bone and liver cancer. It's incurable. But so far, it's manageable. So I am living with cancer, and I will live, as long as I bloody can. Things haven't been easy and I will post about what's been happening since I was diagnosed, but this gives a brief background as to how this second round started.  

Suffice to say, it's not been the easiest year.  But whatever happens, I will live with this shit disease. My girls need me, my husband needs me, my friends and family need me and I need them and refuse to leave them any time soon.

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