Saturday, 8 March 2014

Saturday trip home

I had another fantastic visit home today; I was really lucky as apparently the volunteer drivers don't tend to work weekends so it was so lovely that someone said she could take me home and bring me back to the hospice.

Not only is it wonderful to be home with the family, enjoying my home comforts and cuddles, but it was another good opportunity to check what's needed to get me home for good and still be slightly mobile and safe.  At the moment, I'm going home in a wheelchair and having to stay in that for the duration of the visit as I'm not strong enough to stand up and down myself.  However, once we get a specialist riser chair, this will make getting up and down so much easier so I will be more able to shuffle myself around (with help and supervision at first).  This is in the pipeline.
Rise and recline chair
The plan is to get me home before next weekend so fingers crossed we can do this!

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