Friday, 28 March 2014

I'm getting more mobile!

I've been home now for just over two weeks and we have been slowly adjusting to everything in the meantime. Every day, the carers come in to get me up, into my back brace and washed/dressed first thing. Then I either chill out on my chair or sort things; have also had lots more visits from professionals to ensure everything is as it should be.  The carers come back at lunchtime to get me standing and I go for a little walk - every day, not a great distance but further than the previous day and for a little bit longer. It's getting easier to stand and walk with support. And then in the evening they get me back to bed and remove my brace.

We've also had some lovely visits from friends and family which is always good, especially when I am sitting up in normal clothes rather than trapped in a hospital bed! And I've managed to do some work which has been brill - both for my employment and for the PTA, which gives me confidence that my brain hasn't melted with everything going on. I hope that next week I can build on this some more.

I have had two really good things happen this week though with regards to my mobility. Firstly, my wheelchair has arrived which means I can get around the house and out into the garden. Technically, it's an indoor chair but can be used briefly on flat pavement so using it on the garden path is fine. I'm also getting better at driving it. Bring on BBQ weather!  And secondly, I learnt today how to get in and out of the car thanks to the OT. This means we can go out this weekend, perhaps for a Mother's Day meal? Or at least down to the beach. Hurrah! She also recommended ditching the zimmer frame and returning to the wheely trolley walker I got last year.

My ride awaits!
So all in all, (literally) small but positive steps forward.

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