Monday, 9 August 2010

Chemo cycle 1: Day 1 - 14

I have been meaning to diarise my chemo experience since day 1, to check if any patterns in my symptoms develop over the time - I like to be organised and know what to expect!

Anyway, I have breast cancer. I started chemo on 7th July. So here's how it has gone so far:

Day 1: first chemo day, scheduled for 11.30. I freaked out in the hospital and had to be taken into a private room to calm down. But it was fine in the end. I had weird tingling in my nose whilst it was happening, but that was about it. I got very tired towards the end of the day and had to take a couple of anti-sickness pills as I felt queasy. Went to bed about 6.30pm and slept till about 7.30am.

Day 2: felt fine in the morning and wondered what the problem was! But got more and more tired as the day went on and went to bed early.

Day 3 - 5: very tired. Rested.

Day 6 - was supposed to have help with my youngest (2) today but she wasn't able to show up. So coped alone with her - she is a gorgeous and sweet girl but she is very demanding of my attention. So I think this helped to lead to....

Day 7 - 9: completely exhausted. Put DD2 into nursery both days and did very little as obviously now I was into the period where my immune system is very low. Had another little freak out on day 8 as I was so, so tired and so was DH.

Day 10: I could feel I was less tired and 'coming out' of whatever I was in. I know I wasn't supposed to, but I went to DD1's school celebration evening and open evening with her teacher. This felt good! I was super pleased to be out of the house.

Day 11: had a chilled morning. DH took the girls out so I had more time to myself. Then took the girls to a birthday party - again, it felt so good to be out doing normal things. I made sure no-one coughed on me!!

Day 12: DD1's birthday party. Had fantastic help from DH and my dear friends and one of the parents who stayed. But it felt good to do stuff. Still tired, but definitely better.

Day 13: chilled out day alone, felt fine. Went to Tesco!!

Day 14: today. DD2 has been home, it's been fine. However, my head hurts a lot and I suspect it means my hair is about to fall out - I just kind of itched it and a small clump came out. One of the people on here has advised me to contact my breast care nurse to ask about it, so I may do that in the morning. I also intend to visit Cancerwise this week - a charity in the nearby city who offer complementary therapies.

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