Monday, 16 August 2010

Chemo cycle 2: Day 17 - 21

Not much to blog about really.  The last few days have been okay although I have been dead tired.  But that may be more to do with loads going on, including DD2's birthday party and various visitors than the chemo.  I have also noticed a few additional side effects I need to ask about tomorrow.  These include:

  • Dry and itchy but weepy eyes;
  • Hot flushes.
 Hm that's all I can think of this late at night.

Today I had my blood tests, which I was quite worried about.  But she used a small needle with some tubing attached and the only thing that hurt was her twisting my arm and hitting it trying to find a suitable vein.  The taking of the blood didn't hurt at all, thank goodness.  And I had to laugh.  The waiting room was packed.  And yet, as soon as I sat down, my name was called.  There are some bonuses to this after all, I guess!  I didn't receive many bitchy looks this time as well, so the headscarf definitely does the trick.

Wish me luck for chemo 3 tomorrow.  If I get through it - and I'm not convinced the oncologist will say I can due to the extreme tiredness and the rubbish arm - I will be halfway through.

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