Monday, 9 August 2010

Chemo cycle 2: Day 1

And so now I have just had my second round of FEC.  This one was quite horrible compared to the first.  I had what the nurse called a 'grumpy vein' and so the needle thing (I can never remember what it's called, I want to say cathater but I know that's *definitely* not right!) hurt loads going in and when they did the red drug my arm/vein felt really sore so he had to slow it right down.  I was in there for nearly 3 hours I think.  The only symptoms I got apart from that were the tingly nose when a different drug went in, but it was fine, it passed.  But all's well now.  I am super tired but to be honest, I was before I went in, so not sure if that's the children or the chemo!  Or both?  Either way, it's certainly an early night tonight.

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