Monday, 9 August 2010

Chemo cycle 1: Day 20

So this was the last day before my next chemo.  I had a shower and goodness the amount of hair that came out was awful/amazing (delete as applicable, I'm not sure).  I imagine about half of my hair came out.  I was given a handy tip about hair in plug holes - squirt a bit of Veet (or similar) down there and wait for it to dissolve - well, it didn't work with the amount of hair that I lost....  oh well.  DH came home and just stared at my head and asked if I had cut it again, that much came out. 

As my hair is usually massive it's still there with no visible patches, but looks thin.  I think next time I wash it, that may be it and I will shave it after.
Spent the day getting organised as it's DD2's 3rd birthday party in 3 weeks so I ordered a bunch of stuff online as it's easier; that way it's done if I flop after the next round.

Also got my blood done at the local hospital.  I was in and out in 15 mins - how's that for service?!!

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