Friday, 27 August 2010

Chemo cycle 3: Day 2 & 3

Apart from the sickness feeling on day 1, the only real symptom so far has been tiredness.  However, yesterday (day 2) I started to get the strange metal taste in my mouth and it's still going on.  The first cycle, I only had it for 24 hours around day 7, the second cycle was more like 3 days whilst I was in hospital (so days 6-8 at a guess) and now it's earlier.  Argh!  As long as I can still drink coffee and eat, I suppose it's not that bad but it's pretty nasty.

Had to get the dressing on the Hickman line changed yesterday by a nurse at the local GP.  They hadn't done a very good job in the chemo department, probably as they were so snowed under.  I feel like an electrical appliance and it's catching everwhere! 

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